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Gallery One | Ten Years

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1963
Published by: Gallery One
Year published: 1963

image of Gallery One | Ten Years

Victor Musgrave was the curator and art dealer who ran the pioneering visual art space, Gallery One. It was his introduction to this unpaginated catalogue GALLERY ONE | TEN YEARS that graced its cover. Musgrave wrote, “Here is a selection from some of the artists we have presented over the last ten years. It includes British artists who had their first one man showings at this gallery (Henry Mundy, Gwyther Irwin, F. N. Souza, Bridget Riley, and others) as well as the first exhibitions in England of such artists as Henri Michaux, Rufino Tamayo, Enrico Baj, and Kemen.

     …Our artists have been prizewinners in every one of the John Moores Liverpool Exhibitions since they began. The acceptance in this country and then abroad of the work of Souza paved the way more easily for other exponents of the post-war Indian school, and such group exhibitions as ‘Oeuvres d’Art Transformables’ in 1958 brought together in London the newcomers and the pioneers of optical, kinetic and mechanical works of art - Man Ray, Duchamp, Albers, Agam, Bury, Tinguely, Vasarely, and others.

     To our many friends among artists, collectors, the public and the critics we have pleasure in offering, with regret for omissions due to lack of space, this resumé of a decade’s activities.”

The exhibition featured work by some 37 artists, plus exhibits relating to Seven Indian Painters, Oeuvres d’Art Transformables, the Contemporary Nude, Festival of Misfits, and Coal Hole Covers. The individual artists represented included Tyeb Mehta (born Bombay, 1925, who first exhibited at Gallery One in 1962), Gillian Ayres (born 1930, who first had a solo exhibition at Gallery One in 1956), F. N. Souza, (born Goa, 1924, who first had a solo exhibition at Gallery One in 1955), Bridget Riley, (born 1931, who first had a solo exhibition at Gallery One in 1962), and Hussein Shariffe, (born 1937, who first had a solo exhibition at Gallery One in 1959).

The oversize catalogue featured several sizeable monochrome reproductions of work - F N Souza’s The Supper at Emmaus (In the Collection of Contemporary Art Society); Christopher Sturgess-Lief’s Gathering, 1961; Bridget Riley’s Ascending and Descending (Hero), 1963; George Fullard’s Striding woman and child (undated); and Martin Bradley’s The Garden, 1961. These reproductions intersperse the listed brief biographical references to the contributors to the exhibition.

Contents as follows:

Introduction by Victor Musgrave, plus exhibition dates, and date and time of Private view - front cover

Ten pages of brief biographical sketches, interspersed with several monochrome reproductions, as referenced above

Back cover, references to the artists represented by Gallery One, plus a list of artists whose works are available at Gallery One, plus a reference to Gallery One’s next exhibition, Bridget Riley, scheduled to open 9 September 1963.

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»  Abramovitch

Born, 1934 in England

»  Billy Apple

Born, 1935 in Aukland, New Zealand

»  Gillian Ayres

Born, 1930 in London

»  Enrico Baj

Born, 1924 in Milan

»  David Boyd

Born, 1924 in Australia

»  Christoforou

Born, 1921 in London

»  Crippa

Born, 1921 in Milan, Italy

»  Robyn Denny

Born, 1930 in Abinger, Surrey, England. Died, 2014

»  George Fullard

Born, 1924 in Sheffield

»  Gwyther Irwin

Born, 1931

»  Ida Kar

Born, 1908 in Russia. Died, 1974

»  Kemeny

Born in Banica, Transylvania, date unknown

»  Yves Klein

Born, 1928 in Nice

»  Halina Korn

Born in Poland, date unknown

»  Bruce Lacey

Born, 1927 in Catford

»  John Latham

Born, 1921 in Africa

»  Tyeb Mehta

Born, 1925 in Bombay, India

»  Henri Michaux

Born, 1899 in Belgium

»  Paul Millichip

Born, 1929 in Harrow, Middlesex, England

»  Henry Mundy

Born, 1919 in Birkenhead

»  Antonio Music

Born, 1909 in Gorizia, Italy

»  Otto Nebel

Born, 1892 in Berlin Germany. Died, 1973

»  David Oxtoby

Born, 1938 in Yorkshire

»  John Plumb

Born, 1927

»  Bridget Riley

Born, 1931 in London

»  Hussein Shariffe

Born, 1937 in Omdurman

»  Francis Newton Souza

Born, 1924 in Goa, India. Died, 2002

»  Christopher Sturgess-Lief

Born, 1937 in Berlin. Died, 2011

»  Rufino Tamayo

Born, 1899 in Oaxaca, Mexico

»  Stephen Tennant

Born, 1906. Died, 1987

»  Franciszka Themerson

Born, 1907 in Poland. Died, 1988

»  Alexander Weatherspoon

Born, 1930

»  Susanne Wenger

Born, 1915 in Austria. Died, 2009

»  Scottie Wilson

Born, 1886 - 1894 (probably 1890) in Glasgow. Died, 1972

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