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Bird Paintings - Aubrey Williams Artist’s Statement

Announcement relating to an exhibition, 1989
Year published: 1989

image of Bird Paintings - Aubrey Williams Artist’s Statement

Titled BIRD PAINTINGS, this A4 photocopied artist’s statement by Aubrey Williams, was made to accompany an exhibition by him. The statement is dated January 1989. The statement was valuable in that it directly presented Williams’ own words and thoughts.

Williams wrote, “It is my hope that these bird paintings be viewed as an artists visual rendition of how he feels about birds, throughout his life to the present (I still occasionally do a series of paintings of birds), and not as an ornithological treatment as one would have in a field guide. Hence, I have been less concerned with accurate anatomical representation concentrating more about how I feel for birds I love, thus they are an attempt to share my continual wonder and awe in my contemplation of the bird state. Since childhood I have been an amateur ornithologist, and my interest has grown with the years. Painting birds is an extremely difficult challenge that I have always welcomed.”

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Born, 1926 in Georgetown, Guyana. Died, 1990