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The Olmec-Maya and Now - Aubrey Williams Artist’s Statement

Announcement relating to an exhibition, 1985
Year published: 1985

image of The Olmec-Maya and Now - Aubrey Williams Artist’s Statement

Titled THE OLMEC-MAYA AND NOW, this A4 photocopied artist’s statement by Aubrey Williams, was made to accompany an exhibition by him at the Commonwealth Institute, in 1985. The statement was valuable in that it directly presented Williams’ own words and thoughts. From the statement:

“Why the above enigmatic title? In my view, any artist who makes statements on his work is automatically suspect, but I must pay respect to the requirements of the media.”

Later, Williams wrote, “The Maya Civilization quickly developed and lived out the fantastic benefits inherited from the Olmec and vanished off the face of this earth in as short a period as 30-50 years (if we have any faith in C14 isotopic dating). In explanation of the passing of the Maya we have only conjecture, but our most eminent scientific archaeologists seem involved in a world conspiracy to avoid comment on this major occurrence. Of course, we have only a few ineffective remnants of the Great Maya with us today.”

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