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Eastern promise

Article relating to an exhibition, 2002
Published by: Art Review
Year published: 2002
Number of pages: 2

image of Eastern promise

Alia Syed’s Eastern promise was shown at New Art Gallery, Walsall and TheSpace@inIVA, London, before touring to Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, 22 June - 4 August 2002. This was a review of the exhiition, over two pages of Art review, April 2002, Volume LIII, pp. 83-84. Written by Marcus Verhagen, the piece was introdued with a biographical outline of Syed: “Alia Syed’s films are about a particular kind of longing, a longing that knows it may never be satisfied but finds a residual pleasure in flickering images of the longed-for people and places. Born to a Welsh mother and an Indian father, Syed grew up in Glasgow, travelling regularly to India and Pakistan. She studied art in London in the mid 1980s and has, over the past 10 years, established herself as one of the bright talents in contemporary experimental film. Now her first solo show travels from inIVA in London and the New Art Gallery in Walsall to the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh.”

Verhagen both describes and celebrates Syed and her practice, concluding his review with advice to the reader to “Look out for Syed; hers is a compelling take on life in a multicultural society.”

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