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Caribbean Expressions in Britain - Arts Review

Review relating to an exhibition, 1986
Published by: Arts Review
Year published: 1986
Number of pages: 2

image of Caribbean Expressions in Britain - Arts Review

Elean Hooper-Greenhill was responsible for a review of an exhibition, Caribbean Expressions in Britain, that took place at Leicestershire Museums, Leicester, before touring, in an edited version, to galleries in Northampton and Bradford in the autumn 1986, through to early 1987. The exhibition review appeared in Arts Review, 26 September 1986, pp.512-513. The review was illustrated with a colour reproduction of Denzil Forrester’s Burial of Winston Rose, and a smaller monochrome reproduction of Anthony Jadunath’s Animals in a Landscape.

Hooper-Greenhill’s review included, “’Caribbean Expressions in Britain’ is a collection of works by artists of Caribbean origin who have been living and working in Britain during the last fifty years. The idea for such an exhibition arose from discussions with the local Afro-Caribbean community as to how the museum could contribute life and culture initiated by the Commonwealth Institute. Leicester Museum has established strong links with the different ethnic groups in the city since the appointment four years ago of two members of staff to work specifically with ethnic publics  to whom the museum service had previously been largely irrelevant. The resulting collaborative structures have enabled the art department to enter areas that are normally ignored by museums and art galleries, and the exhibition has provided a much-needed piece of research and documentation.”