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Aubrey Williams: Dreams and Visions - October Gallery 2004 press release

Press release relating to a conference, 2004
Published by: October Gallery
Year published: 2004

image of Aubrey Williams: Dreams and Visions  - October Gallery 2004 press release

For years before his death, London’s October Gallery emerged as a committed advocate for Aubrey Williams’ work. This advocacy and commitment has continued in the decades following the Guyana-born artist’s death in 1990. Typical in this regard was the exhibition Aubrey Williams: Dreams and Visions, held at October Gallery 20 May  - 19 June 2004. This press release included a quote from longtime Williams admirer, Guy Brett - “Williams’ paintings cover a wide emotional range, from almost cataclysmic violence to a feeling of gentleness and peace…”

The press release featured a colour reproduction of Untitled, gouache on paper, c. 1970. From the press release, “Alongside several major canvases from Williams’ later period will be a selection of works on paper dating from the 60s to the late 80s. These brightly coloured works in oil  and gouache give ample evidence of the development of the intensely and richly symbolic language that Williams was constantly seeking to refine. The mature oils take on added depths when juxtaposed with these striking manifestations of Williams’ intensely creative dialogue of colour and form.”

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Born, 1926 in Georgetown, Guyana. Died, 1990

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London, United Kingdom