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Introduction to exhibition

Article relating to an exhibition, 1990
Year published: 1990

image of Introduction to exhibition

Introduction to exhibition by Helen Robertson, Maurice Hobson, Helen Usherwood and Donald Rodney in Bristol. No further details given. Written by Emmanuel Cooper in 20/20 magazine, August 1990, pages 86/87.

The preview is most notable for its erroneous reference to Donald Rodney’s death: “Autobiography also informs the large-scale work of Donald Rodney. His images, made up of X-ray plates of the body, are further imprinted with silhouettes of the figure along with a text to touch on issues of illness and race. Rodney, who suffered from a rare blood disease, did not live to see his work in this show, which adds a poignant note to his plea for tolerance and understanding.” Accompanied by an uncredited colour reproduction of “The House That Jack Built“, with a credit erroneously reiterating Donald Rodney’s death: “Work by the late Donald Rodney can be seen in Bristol.”

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