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Shock of the Nubian | Faisal Abdu’ Allah

Article relating to an exhibition, 1993
Published by: The Face Magazine
Year published: 1993
Number of pages: 1

image of Shock of the Nubian | Faisal Abdu’ Allah

Illustrated text on Faisal Abdu’Allah written by The Watchmen Agency, in The Face magazine, July 1993 p. 27. Titled Shock of the Nubian, the text related top Abdu’Allah’s then ongoing exhibition, Censored, From Nigger to Nubian, at the 198 Gallery, London. From the text: “…Faisal’s latest compositions are more than just an affirmation of black cultural existence. Isolating aspects of his local community - the barber shop, musicians (rappers Scientist Of Sound) - he has used the ordinarily unfamiliar environment of fine art to crystallise the Nubian experience.

    [Faisal] reacts strongly to the portrayal of black people in art. Few have been as exploited and at the same time excluded as black people: plagiarised, patronised and romanticised from Picasso to Mapplethorpe to Haring. While other people’s versions and visions of black culture have never been too far from the gallery wall, the people themselves have remained outside.”

The text was accompanied by a documentary photograph of the artist and a montaged portrait of him, together with some of his work, by Clive Allen.

Extracts from this feature were reproduced, the following year, in the catalogue to accompany the exhibition Us an’ Dem, by Faisal Abdu’Allah, Denzil Forrester, and Tam Joseph.

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