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Prints by American Negro Artists

Book relating to a publication, 1967
Published by: Cultural Exchange Center of Los Angeles, California
Year published: 1967

image of Prints by American Negro Artists

Substantial hard cover book of prints by some 60 African American artists. ‘Volume One of the Series “Contemporary American Artists” ‘. This is a second edition, the first edition having been published two years earlier, in 1965. Several of the prints are reproduced in colour, though the majority are monochrome. This copy of the book is a discard from Phoenix Public Library, Phoenix, Arizona.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Foreword to First Edition and Foreword to Second Edition, by Rosemarie von Studnitz, Founder and President of Cultural Exchange Center, Los Angeles, California.

Part One: “One Hundred-Fifty Years of Afro-American Art”, by Professor Dr. James A. Porter, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Part Two: List of Pictures

“The Book - The Artists - the Techniques of print-Making”, by Ruth G. Waddy, Founder and President of Art-West, Los Angeles, California

Contributing Artists

Part Three: The Pictures (In alphabetical order of the artists’ names)

From the Foreword (First Edition): “the fact that in the publication “PRINTS BY AMERICAN NEGRO ARTISTS”, racial distinction is being made, needs an explanation. The showing of prints exclusively by American Negro Artists has two reasons. The great public is not aware that the Negro minority in America produces artists of great stature and that the American Negro Artists are reaching for the stars exactly like their white brothers. The second reason is rather from the viewpoint of the art critic who likes to investigate, which forces and which ideas are inspiring the American Negro Artists. Can one still recognize traces of the African ancestry? Does one find manifestations of the Negro Rights Movement? Or can one not distinguish between the artistic trends of the American Negro and the Caucasian Artists in many cases?”

From the Foreword (Second Edition): “A number of pictures by outstanding artists have been added and exhaustive information about the contributing artists included. Some of the artists state their artistic creed and outline their philosophy pertaining life and environments. The most important factor is undoubtedly the excellent article “One Hundred-Fifty Years of Afro-American Art”, by Professor Dr. James A. Porter, at Howard University, Washington, D.C. This essay sets the publication “Prints by American Negro Artists” firmly into the framework of historical development and shows how the oeuvre of Negro Artists is an integral part of American Culture.”


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Born in Washington, D.C., date unknown

»  Calvin Burnett

Born, 1921 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

»  Mel Carey

»  Floyd W. Coleman

Born, 1939 in Sawyerville, Alabama

»  Larry/Lawrence Wm. Compton/Compton Kolawole

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»  Alvin Hollingsworth

Born, 1928 in New York City, New York

»  Richard Hunt

Born, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois

»  Milton Johnson

Born, 1932 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

»  Jack Jordan

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»  Richard Kinney

Born, 1933 in Detroit, Michigan

»  Anderson Macklin

Born, 1933 in Luther, Oklahoma

»  Geraldine McCullough

Born, 1912 - 1922 (probably 1917) in Kingston, Arkansas. Died, 2008

»  Lloyd G. McNeil, Jr

Born, 1935 in Washington, D.C.

»  William McNeil

Born, 1935 in Austin, Texas

»  Yvonne Meo

Born, 1929 in Seattle

»  Norma Morgan

Born, 1928 in New Haven, Connecticut

»  Jimmie Mosely

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Born, 1902 in Atlanta, Georgia

»  Michael K. Perry

Born, 1940 in Los Angeles, California

»  Harper T. Phillips

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»  Jewel W. Simon

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»  Van Slater

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»  William E. Smith

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»  Sue Jane M. Smock

Born, 1937 in New Orleans, Louisiana

»  Sylvia Snowden

Born, 1942

»  David F. Stephens

Born, 1941 in Washington, D.C.

»  Ruth G. Waddy

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»  William T. Williams

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