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Maud Sulter | Zabat

Article relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: 20/20 Magazine
Year published: 1990
Number of pages: 1

image of Maud Sulter | Zabat

Introduction to Maud Sulter: Zabat, written by Sue Hubbard in 20/20 magazine, August 1990, page 86.

Extract: “Maud Sulter is a young black Glaswegian writer and artist and in her recent work she explores issues of race, gender and creativirty through the traditional genre of the portrait. Using large Cibachrome prints of idealised images of young black women to represent the Nine Muses, she has provided texts for each muse. the title of the exhibition Zabat: the “poetics of a Family tree” refers to a sacred dance performed by groups of 13, an occasion of power (as in the witches’ sabbat) and a black woman’s rite of passage.” “Sulter quotes Alice Walker “As a black person and a woman I don’t read history for facts. I read it for clues.” This seems to be the nub of the work. It is all very intellectually honourable and ideologically sound, but it feels contrived Perhaps the clue to its failure to engage the issues it raises is found in the prose, which never quite finds a consistantly harmonious or individual voice.”

Exhibition opened at Rochdale Art Gallery and toured to Street Level Gallery, Glasgow, Untitled Gallery, Sheffield and Camerawork, London. Hubbard’s text related to the showing of the work at Untitled Gallery, Sheffield.

Accompanied by colour reproduction of Maud Sulter’s Terpsichore, included in the Zabat exhibition


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