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Magazine relating to a publication, 1988
Published by: Feminist Art News
Year published: 1988

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A4 portrait publication/monochrome type and image with gold text on the front cover/guest edited edition of magazine

Title: Feminist Art News (FAN)
Subtitled features: Exclusive preview: Daufuskie Island; Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter guest edit…Passion-Blackwomen’s Creativity of the African Diaspora with theory, painting, poetry, photography, prose and lots, lots more…
Source: Feminist Art News, Vol.2 Number 8, Autumn 1988, 31 pages
Front cover contains a full page photographic reproduction: Girl in a screen door, 1979, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Issue edited by Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter - From the editorial statement on the first page: “As guest editors we wanted to put together an issue which would go out into the world as a passionate letter. Fragments reformed as notes from the underground. Blackwomen’s creativity of the African diaspora needs such links; each a talisman to record, rememory, regroup. Communication over distance; physical, mental, emotional. Historically there has been little space given to us to engage with each other about issues of artistic creativity. Even when we take the space, class, sexuality, privilege are sometimes played off against the more apparently pressing issue of race.
As Blackwomen who are artists and curators we face like you pressures of economic survival, space to live and work, and the continuing onslaught which marginalises and trivialises our experiences. As Zami’s we try to help create a world where all women will have the right to choose and fulfil their creative potential in a beautiful and constructive, life affirming way. We must record our own herstories, span continents, go beyond fixed beliefs imposed by the dominant hegemony.
Our contributors represent a network of brave Blackwomen who want to communicate within a context of equality. Their call and response is here for us to share. Diasporian blues may appear on the horizon but our course is self determined. As Family. No Maps.”

4: Duafuskie Island - Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe in conversation with Maud Sulter
7: …I’m on my way and won’t be back for many a day - A short story by Abiola Agana
8: Fragments  - How cultural production can still effect political change by Lubaina Himid
10: Beyond Chiffon: The Making of Storme - An essay from the book Blasted Allegories by Michelle Parkinson
11: If the Jobfit’s  - Notes from a Jobfit participant by Folasade Oyeleye
12: Reel to Reel - An essay by film maker Ingrid Pollard
13: Opera in Africa is a Sorrowful Song - Dress and the observation of ritual by Omoyiola Oyeleye
15: Call and Response - An exploration of the power dynamics facing Blackwomen under patriarchy by Maud Sulter
18: A Burst of Light - Extracts from a book of verse by Audre Lorde
20: Passion Profiles - A spotlight on some of our favourite artists working in the UK
23: Antigua is Beautiful - An extract from A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid
24: Where Are They Now? - A poem by Lubaina Himid
25: The Heart of Blackness - Castles in the Sand reviewed by Jacqueline Nassy Brown
26: More than Mirror Images - Reasonings by Pat Agana
27: Images Employed  - A call for artists from Elaine Okoro
28: Indexes - An update on Blackwomen and WASL by Rita Keegan
29: Blackwomanprintproject - Reviewed by Sandra Agard
31: Black Tradition - A poem by Sharon Bell




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