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Rich threads in a bleak tapestry

Article relating to a gallery, 1987
Published by: West Indian Digest
Year published: 1987

image of Rich threads in a bleak tapestry

2 sheets A4 portrait/monochrome text and image reproduction from original/article in relation to the Black-Art Gallery

Title: Rich threads in a bleak tapestry
Author: Abiola Awojobi
Source: West Indian Digest, section called ‘expression’, September 1987
Article contains two photographs with the following captions: “Classes at the OBAALA Summer Arts School provide the children in attendance with an opportunity to meet, work, with and learn from practising black artists both in the community and from abroad. Each Summer School is thematically based. Past themes have been ‘Symbols’, ‘Images’, ‘Images of Black People’ and ‘Graffiti Art’ (above)”. “Shakka Dedi meets Marcus Garvey Jnr (see story opposite) on his visit to the OBAALA Summer Arts School which this year commemorates the life of his father.”

Article reflects on the The Black-Art Gallery as it approaches its fourth anniversary and access the progress made to date. From the article: “During its young life this brilliant four year old gallery has progressed from strength to strength, gradually expanding and incorporating under it’s wing a black arts, crafts and book shop, the OBAALA Poetry Theatre, OBAALA Summer Arts School, OBAALA Information Services and Publications - all these and more are housed in the confines of its now limited space…To date the only non-commercial Black Art Gallery in Europe, 225 Seven Sisters Road, has, four years on, only two qualms. When it was first established it saw itself as a catalyst for the founding of similar ventures elsewhere in Britain. This has not happened. Moreover the lack of space is an ever present problem. Perhaps, within the next four years their plans will be realised and though the the Black Art Gallery will still be a first, it may have 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths following suite.”

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