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OBAALA and The Black-Art Gallery

Press release relating to a gallery
Published by: The Black-Art Gallery

image of OBAALA and The Black-Art Gallery

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome type on white paper/press release produced by the gallery

Title: OBAALA and the Black-Art Gallery
Author: OBAALA committee
Source: The Black-Art Gallery (no date stated)

Two column text giving some background information about The Black-Art Gallery and the type of work shown (at this time) in the gallery, in two sections titled Brief Background and Works Shown. From the text: “In September 1983 the Organisation for Black-Arts Advancement & Learning Activities opened the Black-Art Gallery- the first non-commercial gallery in Britain established to show the of contemporary Afrikan-Caribbean artists….as a consequence, a primary aim was to create a space for black artists, which would serve in the overall process of unveiling Black’s people’s creativity and providing for the development of a visual dialogue between artists and the community of which they were a part. Today the work of Black artists has become slightly more visible, and with the recent breathtaking stream of interest being shown by white administered art establishments, Black-art in Britain has moved into a new phase. As the name of the gallery makes clear, OBAALA intends to provide a location where the majority of work exhibited will be of a particular type…We believe that Black-art is born and created out of a consciousness based upon experience of what it means to be an Afrikan descendant wherever in the world we are.”