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Press release relating to an exhibition, 1989
Published by: Graves Art Gallery
Year published: 1989

image of Crisis

Single sheet A4 portrait/Monochrome reproduction/press release produced by the gallery

Title: Crisis - Solo exhibition by Donald Rodney, held at Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 1/4/89.

An extract from the text: “The show is called Crisis and was mostly produced whilst on an artist’s placement in Sheffield at The Hub Community Centre, Sharrow Lane. Being a black centre, The Hub wanted a contemporary black artist to produce work which touched and dealt with issues involving a wide and diverse audience. Within this brief I was to establish a visual discourse that would produce meaning without mimicking western Art tradition - “Our Master’s Voice” Crisis has several possible meanings: POLITICAL CRISIS: This is the third term of New Right Politics and all gains by the left have diminished from our memory. WORLD CRISIS: The eco-structure has been, and still continues to face attacks from chemicals and our waste. Also CRISIS: The name given to a Sickle Cell attack, a blood disorder, that i and many other black people suffer from. I took this as my starting point fdor the residency. Sickle Cell affects only black and some mediterranean people. Within the society blacks are perceived widely as the disease within the body politic of Britain. The illness metaphor is the key to decode the visuals. The titles should be taken as a running commentary on real events within recent history.
Donald Rodney, February 1989…

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