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Exhibitions: The Other Story

Review relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: Art Monthly
Year published: 1990
Number of pages: 2

image of Exhibitions: The Other Story

2 sheets A4 portrait/monochrome text and images, original document still in magazine/Review taken from Art Monthly, February 1990, issue 133, p. 14 & 16 - Exhibitions section

Title: The Other Story
Author: Petrine Archer-Shaw

Review contains a small photographic reproduction with the following caption: ‘Ron Moody, John The Baptist, 1936

Review that accepts the thematic and construction of the exhibition, The Other Story, yet critiques its disconnectedness from what were recent cultural developments and questions its relationship with Modernism, and suggests that the curator is supplanting the “myths” surrounding Modernism with ones of his own making. An extract from the text: “Hence there exist discreet parallels between the ‘otherness’ of the Western avant-garde lineage and ‘The Other Story“ as presented by Araeen. Despite his intention to maintain a purely historical approach, his indulgence in myth making seems implicit within his choice of presenting “a Story“. This also begs the question of the extent to which one can challenge modernism’s exclusivity while using the same tools which have engendered it.…”

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»  Petrine Archer-Straw (Dr.)

Born, 1956 in Birmingham UK. Died, 2012

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