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Black pride and prejudice

Review relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: Evening Standard
Year published: 1990

image of Black pride and prejudice

Single sheet A3 portrait/monochrome photocopy taken from original/review from Evening Standard - Thursday 4 January, 1990 p.25

Title: Black pride and prejudice
Author: Brian Sewell

Review contains two reproductions of images with the following credits: “An untitled 1986 acrylic canvas by Keith Piper from The Other Story; Saleem Arif’s Squaring the Circle (1984-89). Underneath the title is enlarged type with the following quote: “They argue that they are rejected and ignored, when they are nothing of the kind.”
A largely negative review of the group exhibition, The Other Story, by the well known art critic (here described as “critic of the year”). An extract from the text: “Apart from Boyce and Locke, we have seen it all before. Having either no traditions of their own, or traditions so exhausted that no nourishment is to be drawn from them, these artists parrot Western visual idioms that they do not understand and that have been exposed as silly and pretentious. That they should demand serious attention for their third-rate imitations of the white man’s cliche must seem outrageous to all who care to judge by quality. Talent in the white west is an extremely rare phenomenon and most Western art is indifferent at best. I see no reason to distort the judgement that damns it so as to praise the work of artists just as bad, or worse, because they make a noisy business of being black.”

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Born, 1931 in Market Bosworth,England. Died, 2015

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