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In the Woodpile

Article relating to a publication, 1990
Published by: Feminist Art News
Year published: uncertain - some time between 1989 and 1991

image of In the Woodpile

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome photocopy from original/taken from Feminist Art News (FAN) Vol.3 no.4/no date, p2

Title: In the Woodpile: Black Women Artists and the Modern Women
Author: Lubaina Himid

Article contains an image of a painting (uncredited). Short paragraphs giving examples of influences of black women on art movements or artists throughout the ages. At the end of the article it states: “This paper was presented at the 1990 Art Historians Conference in Dublin. The Author would like to thank Maud Sulter for reading part of the text and Joan Fowler for facilitating the session.”

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»  Lubaina Himid MBE, CBE

Born, 1954 in Zanzibar, Tanzania

»  Maud Sulter

Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008