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Anne Walmsley

Longtime scholar of Caribbean art and supporter and friend of Aubrey Williams, Anne Walmsley was responsible for compiling and editing Guyana Dreaming. This was the first substantial publication dedicated to the art of Aubrey Williams. Though Williams was to be, posthumously, the subject of several major exhibitions that were accompanied by sizeable publications focussing on his practice, Guyana Dreaming was to be the only substantial book on his art that Williams would see during his lifetime, albeit in completed manuscript form. He was to die, ten days after being given a completed typescript of the book. Anne Walmsley’s note at the beginning of Guyana Dreaming began, “This short introduction to the art of Aubrey Williams results from a wish to celebrate his dazzling output over the last 40 years. We hope it will enable more people to know more about this great artist, until the full-length critical biography which he so richly deserved can be undertaken.” The Compiler’s Note also let it be know that it was Williams himself who gave the book its distinctive title.

For the commemoration/celebration of Aubrey Williams’ life, held at the Commonwealth Institute on 12 June 1990, Anne Walmsley offered Working Notes.

For the Transforming the Crown catalogue (1997), Anne Walmsley supplied the essay The Caribbean Artists Movement, 1966 - 1972: A Space and a Voice for Visual Practice.

Working with artists Stanley Greaves and Christopher Cozier, Anne Walmsley was responsible for Art in the Caribbean: An Introduction, a book published in London by New Beacon Books, in 2011. The book offered the following biographical summary on Anne Walmsley: “a British-born writer specializing in Caribbean art and literature. She studied English for a BA at Durham University, African Studies for an MA at Sussex, researched the Caribbean Artists Movement for a PhD at Kent, and was awarded an Honorary DLitt at the University of the West Indies, Mona (2009). She has taught English at a secondary school in Jamaica and an MA course, Aspects of Caribbean Art, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and has worked for Longman, the publisher, in the Caribbean and in Africa. She contributed a detailed chronology of the life and work of Aubrey Williams to the catalogue of his retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery, London (1998). Her publications include two anthologies of Caribbean literature, The Sun’s Eye (1968, n/e 1986) and Facing the Sea, with Nick Caistor (1986), Guyana Dreaming: the Art of Aubrey Williams (1990), The Caribbean Artists Movement: A Literary and Cultural History 1966-1972 (1992) and Art of the Caribbean, a postcard pack for schools (2003).”

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