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Sutapa Biswas | Synapse - Art Monthly review

Article relating to an exhibition, 1992
Published by: Art Monthly
Year published: 1992

image of Sutapa Biswas | Synapse - Art Monthly review

A4 single sheet/monochrome photocopy from original/Article from Art Monthly, issue 162, page 27 (no date)/review in relation to an exhibition by Sutapa Biswas

Title: Sutapa Biswas: Synapse
Author: Ian Connolly Hunt

Image accompanying article : Sutapa Biswas, Synapse, 1992. Review of the solo exhibition by Sutapa Biswas titled Synapse at the Photographers’ Gallery, London: 16 October - 14 November.
From the review: “If this sequence circumvented the direct confrontation with memory shown in the Synapse series itself, for which photographs from India were projected onto Biswas’ naked body, its unease led arguably, to empowerment for both artist and spectator. It fell short of healing the division between body and mind, amongst other western polarities, a somewhat extravagant claim made for the work in the accompanying essays by Gilane Tawadros and Griselda Pollock. These are by no means careless writers, they are tough in the Edward Said and Screen traditions; but neither quite broaches the question of whether the political satisfaction of working with the injuries done to subjectivity by race and migration (by bravely dramatising the encounter with memory and a past that, perhaps more than most, has to be constructed rather than easily assumed) might, in some sense, be merely a consolation prize.”

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