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Stuart Hall, Professor

Born, 1932 in Jamaica. Died, 2014

Stuart Hall provided the Keynote Address, “Assembling the 1980s: The Deluge - and After”, at the Shades of Black conference held at Duke University, 19 - 22 April 2001. His address is reproduced in Part One of the book Shades of Black, subtitled Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain. He was also part of the conference’s Summation panel.

Stuart Hall, Emeritus Professor, Open University, offered the following endorsement to Exiles, Diasporas & Strangers, edited by Kobena Mercer. One of four books in a series titled Annotating Art’s Histories, jointly published by The MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts and iniva the Institute of International Visual Arts, London, published in 2008.

“In this fourth volume in the Annotating Art’s Histories series Kobena Mercer and his collaborators offer a brilliant re-reading of the themes of the conventional histories of contemporary art. Eschewing the abstract generalities of high theory for an approach more grounded in individual works and artists, these essays bring an original, more dialogic, exilic, ex-centric, “traveling cultures” perspective to bear on the migratory routes and cross-cultural entanglements through which - they argue - modern art actually emerges. They challenge us to radically rethink the conventional assumptions and accounts of that “formalist universalism” within which the narrative of contemporary art is traditionally told.”

A quote from a text on Chris Ofili, by Stuart Hall,  was used in the gallery guide accompanying Ofili’s mid-career retrospective at Tate Britain, 27 January - 16 May 2010. That particular text was Stuart Hall, Chris Ofili in Paradise: Dreaming in Afro, in Chris Ofili: Within Reach exhibition catalogue, British Council, 2003

Link to a profile page with more detail: www.iniva.org/library/archive/people/h/hall_stuart

(3 February 1932–10 February 2014).

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