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Mothership Connection

Invite relating to a film, 1995
Published by: Black Audio Film Collective
Year published: 1995

image of Mothership Connection

A5 postcard/sepia and monochrome text double sided printed invitation/produced by the artist to announce a television premiere

Black Audio Film Collective Presents: - Space is the place in - Mothership Connection
Fragments from the histories of black science fiction from space jazz to techno, hoodoo aesthetics to afro futurism, p funk to space walking - race is the place!”

Director: John Akomfrah; Producer: Avril Johnson; Writer: Edward George

Monday 28 August 1995 / 11.55pm | Channel 4, Invite image is a still image from the film (uncredited) Addressed to Eddie Chambers. Postmarked: 23 August 1995.

Directed by John Akomfrah (Black Audio Film Collective) Mothership Connection (made with Edward George, the film’s writer) explores the African diaspora through the subject of science-fiction the exploration of outer space, and the various forms of Black music which emerged during, and indeed reflected, a time in which the world’s popular imagination was occupied by the space age and technological developments across a number of spheres. Regarding Mothership Connection, Akomfrah is quoted as saying “The interest in science-fiction for me has to do with the encounter between Africans and Modernity. Science-fiction narratives are usually about alienation, abduction and transportation and that is a very powerful narrative for understanding the transportation and displacing of African people across the world.” (1)

(1) From John Akomfrah - being the director who combines politics and a mystical feeling for film, New Internationalist, April, 1998 by Catlina Ribalta

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»  John Akomfrah OBE CBE

Born, 1957 in Accra, Ghana

»  Edward George

Born, 1963 in London, England

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