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Sutapa Biswas | Synapse review, Art Monthly

Review relating to an exhibition, 1992
Published by: Art Monthly
Year published: 1992

image of Sutapa Biswas | Synapse review, Art Monthly

2 sheets of A4 photocopied from original/cover and review from Art Monthly/December - January 1992/issue 162/page 27

Title: Sutapa Biswas: Synapse
Written by Ian Connolly Hunt
Contains a photographic reproduction, credited as: Sutapa Biswas, Synapse, 1992

From the text: “Two of the three distinct groupings of work that make up this brave and intricately conceived exhibition demanded the brief biographical statement that was available in the gallery: that Sutapa Biswas was born in Santinekethan, India in 1962, left when she was four and did not return there until 1987.”

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