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Sutapa Biswas | Recent Paintings

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1987
Published by: Horizon Gallery
Year published: 1987

image of Sutapa Biswas | Recent Paintings

A4 folded document landscape double sided printed/exhibition guide/brochure produced by the gallery for an exhibition

Title: Sutapa Biswas: Recent Paintings, 17 June - 11 July 1987

Front cover contains the address of the gallery with a picture by the artist and the accompanying quote: “Last Mango in Paris: An important message for the prospective anthropologist. As the hour passed, the distance from the immediate chore fluctuated. Ma: “If you were to be reborn and you had a choice, what would you come back as? Bowdi thought a while..Bowdi: “If I were to be reborn again, I would be born an English dog, because in England they look after their dogs really well.“

The inside panel contains a text about the artist by Pratibha Parmar and an artists’ CV
The back cover contains an image: HOUSEWIVES WITH STEAK-KNIVES - 1985, Acrylics, pastels on convas and paper

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Born, 1962 in Bolpur, India

»  Pratibha Parmar

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