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Isaac Julien | Looking For Langston

Press release relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: Edge 90
Year published: 1990

image of Isaac Julien | Looking For Langston

2 A4 sheets of photocopied paper/1 page contains a press release - 1 page contains a map /produced by the gallery to accompany a performance

Isaac Julien : Looking For Langston - A new performance work commissioned by Edge 90
The performance is at 8.30 pm on Wednesday 28 February (1990) It starts at The Main Gate, St Pancras Road, London NW1

The text reads: ““Looking For Langston“ in Kings Cross has been commissioned as a preliminary event for Edge 90 - the international biennale of innovative visual arts (Newcastle-upon-Tyne 17 - 29 May 1990) It will be presented again in Newcastle during Edge 90 in May and again in London in June. The project is finatially suppoeted by Greater London Arts, The London Borough of Camden and Projects UK.…

The second page shows a photocopy of a small square of map with the location of the performance marked.

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»  Isaac Julien CBE RA

Born, 1960 in London, England

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