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Donald Rodney/Press Clippings

Review relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: Sunday Independent, Evening Herald and Western Morning News
Year published: 1990

image of Donald Rodney/Press Clippings

Single sheet A4 containing 3 separate newspaper cuttings/August - September 1990/Articles are in reference to the work of Donald Rodney and the other artists featured in the Plymouth part of the TSWA Four Cities Project

Sunday Independent - September 9, 1990/Title: Bloodless Art Coup
“An artist threatened to pull out of a West Country art show when organisers refused to allow him to use his own blood in paintings.”

Evening Herald - Tuesday, August 28, 1990/Title: Sculpture takes shape
“Among the other displays being put together is an exhibit by Donald Rodney based on the coats of arms of sir John Hawkins and Elizabeth I at the battery at Mount Edgecumbe.”

Western Morning News - Friday 7 September 1990/Title: Blood ban for artist
London artist Donald was chosen to create a work in Plymouth for the Four Cities Project, in which sculptures and paintings have been created around outsite sites in the city.”

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