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TSWA Four Cities Project - catalogue

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1990
Published by: TSWA
Year published: 1990
Number of pages: 175

image of TSWA Four Cities Project - catalogue

Large Catalogue soft cover/75 pages/colour printed/produced by the commissioning body responsible for the project

Title: TSWA Four Cities Project
Source: Catalogue marked the completion of the Four Cities Project - a series of temporary offsite (with the exception of work by Richard Deacon and Ian Hamilton Finlay) works in the cities of Derry, Glasgow, Newcastle and Plymouth. Catalogue contains a great many full colours documentary photographs of the installed works, discussions and artists biographies.
Cover photograph: Every Horse has a Heart - Janette Emery and Kevin Rhowbotham, Caledonia Road Church.
Organised by TSWA, a public arts organisation supported by TSW - Television South West.
Co-organisers: Tony Foster, Jonathan Harvey, James Lingwood.

In Derry: Orchard Gallery, Derry: Dennis Adams; Melanie Counsell; Lee Jaffe; Ilya Kabakov; Moira McIver; Nancy Spero - Organiser: Declan McGonagle, TSWA Co-ordinator: Sinéad McSheffrey.
In Glasgow: Third Eye Centre, Glasgow: Judith Barry, Stuart Brisley, Janette Emery & Kevin Rhowbotham, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Cildo Meireles, Rosemarie Trockel, Richard Wilson - Organiser: Andrew Nairne. TWSA Organiser: Euan McArthur.
In Newcastle: Projects Uk, Newcastle: Chris Burden, Stefan Gec, Mona Hatoum, Jana Sterbak - Organiser: Simon Herbert Assisted by: Helen Cadwallader, Anna Douglas.
In Plymouth: Plymouth Arts Centre: Geneviàve Cadieux, Helen Chadwick, Richard Deacon, Ron Haselden, Magdalena Jetelova, Vong Phaophanit, Donald Rodney, Darrell Viner - Organiser: Rosy Greenlees TSWA Educator Co-ordinator: Moira Innes.

Catalogue edited by James Lingwood - Printed by Taylor Bros, Bristol
© 1990 TSWA Ltd, the artists and the authors - All rights reserved

7 - Preface
8 - Introduction
Documentation of works and proposals
11 - Derry
37 - Glasgow
75 - Newcastle
97 - Plymouth
137 - Marina Warner with Juliet Steyn
143 - Richard Sennett with Bruce Ferguson
147 - Walter GrassKamp: Invasion from the artist’s studio
151- Lesley Greene, James Lingwood, Declan McGonagle, Malcolm Miles with Mel Gooding
157 - Documentation of TSWA 3D
161 - Artists’ Biographies
173 - Acknowledgements

Related people - view 5

»  Dennis Adams

Born, 1948 in Des Moines, Iowa USA

»  Judith Barry

Born, 1952 in Colombus,Ohio USA

»  Stuart Brisley

Born, 1933 in Surrey, UK

»  Chris Burden

Born, 1946 in Boston, USA

»  Genevieve Cadieux

Born, 1955 in Montreal, Canada

»  Helen Chadwick

Born, 1948 - 1958 (probably 1953) in Croydon, South London, England. Died, 1996

»  Melanie Counsell

Born, 1964 in Cardiff, Wales

»  Richard Deacon

Born, 1949 in Bangor, Wales

»  Janette Emery

Born, 1964 in Singapore

»  Stefan Gec

Born, 1958 in Huddersfield, England

»  Ian Hamilton Finlay

Born, 1925 in Nassau, Bahamas

»  Ron Haselden

Born, 1944 in Gravesend, Kent, England

»  Mona Hatoum

Born, 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon

»  Lee Jaffe

Born, 1950 in Bronx, New York

»  Magdalena Jetelova

Born, 1946 in Czechoslavakia

»  Ilya Kabakov

Born, 1933 in Ukraine

»  Moira McIver

Born, 1962 in Glasgow, Scotland

»  Cildo Meireles

Born, 1948 in Rio, Brazil

»  Vong Phaophanit

Born, 1961 in Laos

»  Kevin Rhowbotham

Born, 1963 in Derby, UK

»  Donald Rodney

Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

»  Nancy Spero

Born, 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio USA

»  Jana Sterbak

Born, 1955 in Prague

»  Rosemarie Trockel

Born, 1952 in Schwerte

»  Darrell Viner

Born, 1946 in Coventry, England

»  Richard Wilson

Born, 1953 in London, England

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