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The making of Necropolis - Maud Sulter

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Published by: Feminist Art News

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Single sheet A4 - Photocopied article - No date/FAN (Feminist Art News) Volume 3 - No.4

Title: The making of Necropolis - The text as a site of cultural struggle
Author: Maud Sulter

From the article: “Lubaina Himid wrote in the afterword to the second edition of The Thin Black Line Catalogue that, There has to be a strategy for the nineties. Black women artists must push themselves and more especially their work much further: beyond the boundaries set in the last one hundred years. From the cusp of modernism to the present day. In every mark made…we have to take into account every nuance within the structures of power and economics and challenge the order while changing the shape“”That is my aim with Necropolis - an echo from the city of the dead.”

From the end of the text: “Maud Sulter read this extract from Necropolis at the International Feminist Bookfair in Barcelona. NECROPOLIS will be published by Urban Fox Press in September 1990.”

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»  Maud Sulter

Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008