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A Day Trip to Trinidad, Cuba | Maud Sulter

Brochure relating to an individual, 1985
Published by: Maud Sulter
Year published: 1985

image of A Day Trip to Trinidad, Cuba | Maud Sulter

3 sheets of coloured and white A4 landscape folded into A5 - one sheet is a photocopied sheet of transparancy paper/stapled artist diary

Titled: Disposicion de la Carga Humana - A Day Trip to Trinidad, Cuba - Maud Sulter, Winter 1985

From the introduction: “In the spring of 1984 I went to Cuba with a womens study tour. The Revolution and I were both in our 25th year. The group kept a diary; members taking turns at entering the days events. Our day trip to Trinidad, Cuba was mine to record. On return to Britain that entry was never reproduced. Why? Who can say? As the only woman of African descent amongst a group of white socialist/feminist women my contribution was the only one to focus on the question of our African heritage. So here it is - in the winter of “85, a testament to our strength as strong blackwomen.”

On the back of the document is a hand written address: Trevor Matheson, 15 Eastbank Rd Stamford Hill, N16

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Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008