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Maud Sulter | Plantation

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1995
Published by: The University Gallery
Year published: 1995
ISBN: 1 874331 08 1

image of Maud Sulter | Plantation

Fold out leaflet/each panel postcard sized doublesided black and white printed/exhibition guide/ Published by The University Gallery, Leeds/© the author

Front cover contains a black panel with white text: Plantation | Maud Sulter

The inside four panels have from left to right: a poem by the artist; 3 panels with still images from the video presented in the exhibition. On the reverse side the panels contain from left to right: “Vicki Hufnagel M.D is the medical director of the centre for the pioneering female reconstructive surgery depicted in this video, Maud Sulter is the body in question.“ On the second panel is an artist’s statement: “Plantation is a mediation on the fictional life of Bertha Antoinette Mason, the quintessential mad black woman in the attic in Charlotte Bronté’s Jane Eyre. That race is a central issue in both Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre suggusts that the Bronté women’s lives were not untouched by the dynamics of race in 19th century Britain. First shown at the University Gallery - Leeds, 18 January - 24 March 1995, and afterwards included in Word not Found, a duo exhibition with Lubaina Himid at the 6th Feminist Art Historians’ Conference at Trier, Germany 26 September - 27 October 1995.” On the reverse side is the artist’s CV.

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»  Maud Sulter

Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008

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