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Artists of the Western Hemisphere | Art of Haiti and Jamaica, Art Gallery

Group show at Center for Inter-American Relations. 1968
Date: 10 October, 1968 until 27 October, 1968
Organiser: Center for Inter-American Relations

Artists of the Western Hemisphere | Art of Haiti and Jamaica, was a group exhibition held at  the Art Gallery, Center for Inter-American Relations, 600 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y., October 10 - 27, 1968. It featured the following Haitian artists: Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Charlemagne Bien-Aime, Wilson Bigaud. Murat Brierre, Préfète DuffautEnguerrand Jean Gourgue, Hector Hyppolite, Jasmin Joseph, Peterson Laurent, Georges Liautaud, Philomé Obin, Sénèque Obin, Salnave Philippe Auguste, André Pierre, Louverture Poisson, Robert St. Brice, and Micius Stephane. This group of eighten Haoitian artis was supplemented with three Jamaican artists: Benjamin E Campbell, Wilfred Francis, and Kapo (Mallica Reynolds).

The accompanying catalogue featured an Introduction by Selden Rodman, who had been responsible for one of the pioneering books on Haitian art, Renaissance in Haiti: Popular Painters in the Black Republic, published by Pellegrini & Cudahy, New York, 1948. Rodman also wrote several other books on Haitian art as well as two books on the African American artist Horace Pippin (one written with Carole Cleaver). The Artists of the Western Hemisphere | Art of Haiti and Jamaica catalogue also featured a csecond introduction written by DeWitt Peters, who had died some two years earlier.


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»  Artists of the Western Hemisphere | Art of Haiti and Jamaica

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1968

People in this exhibition - view 5

»  Castera Bazile

Born, 1923 in Jacmel, Haiti. Died, 1965

»  Rigaud Benoit

Born, 1911 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Wilson Bigaud

Born, 1931 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Murat Brierre

Born, 1938 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Benjamin E Campbell

Born, 1935

»  Préfète Duffaut

Born, 1923 in Jacmel

»  Wilfred Francis

Born, 1924 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

»  Enguerrand Jean Gourgue

Born, 1930 in Port-au-Prince

»  Hector Hyppolite

Born, 1894 in Port-au-Prince. Died, 1948

»  Jasmin Joseph

Born, 1923 in La Grand Rivière du Nord

»  Peterson Laurent

Born, 1880 - 1896 (probably 1888) in Saint-Marc. Died, 1950 - 1966 (probably 1958)

»  Georges Liautaud

Born, 1899 in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. Died, 1992

»  Philomé Obin

Born, 1892 in Cap Haitien, Haiti

»  Sénèque Obin

Born, 1893 in Cap Haitien, Haiti

»  DeWitt Peters

Born, 1901. Died, 1966

»  Salnave Philippe Auguste

Born, 1908 in St. Marc

»  Louverture Poisson

Born, 1914 in Port-au-Prince

»  Kapo (Mallica Reynolds)

Born, 1911 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Died, 1989

»  Robert St. Brice

Born, 1898 in Pétion-Ville, Haiti. Died, 1973

»  Micius Stephane

Born, 1912 in Bainet, Haiti

Exhibition venues

»  Center for Inter-American Relations

New York, United States of America