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Carol McKay

Carol McKay wrote an important essay on the work of Ingrid Pollard and her 2012-2013 residency hosted by VARC, Visual Arts in Rural Communities. McKay’s essay appeared in the catalogue - Regarding the Frame , a 28 page unpaginated catalogue that documented and marked the residency.  

McKay’s essay extended across four pages and opened as follows:

“For some four decades, Ingrid Pollard has been exploring the romanticism of the English landscape and its hidden histories in a practice that has any encompassed printmaking and drawing as well as photography.  Hers is a measured creativity, one in which she recognises the attraction of pastoral tradition whilst alluding to its exclusions contradictions and hidden histories.  A British-Guyanese artist, she has continually explored relations of the urban and rural, questioning the nature of belonging and the practices through which identities are constituted.  For some time now she has tested and extended this creative practice whilst artist-in-residence at VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities), based for a year in the remote Northumberland hills of Highgreen estate in Tarset.  Her approach to artistic research is well suited to such a context, enabling a sustained period of creative fieldwork in which she has observed, walked and talked in and around the locale, often in the company of those who live and work there.”

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