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Victor Musgrave

Born, 1919. Died, 1984

Victor Musgrave was the curator and art dealer who ran the pioneering visual art space, Gallery One. It was his introduction to the the catalogue GALLERY ONE | TEN YEARS that graced its cover. Musgrave wrote, “Here is a selection from some of the artists we have presented over the last ten years. It includes British artists who had their first one man showings at this gallery (Henry Mundy, Gwyther Irwin, F. N. Souza, Bridget Riley, and others) as well as the first exhibitions in England of such artists as Henri Michaux, Rufino Tamayo, Enrico Baj, and Kemeny

     Our artists have been prizewinners in every one of the John Moores Liverpool Exhibitions since they began. The acceptance in this country and then abroad of the work of Souza paved the way more easily for other exponents of the post-war Indian school, and such group exhibitions as ‘Oeuvres d’Art Transformables’ in 1958 brought together in London the newcomers and the pioneers of optical, kinetic and mechanical works of art - Man Ray, Duchamp, Albers, Agam, Bury, Tinguely, Vasarely, and others.

     To our many friends among artists, collectors, the public and the critics we have pleasure in offering, with regret for omissions due to lack of space, this resumé of a decade’s activities.”

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