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Ragubir Singh

Born, 1942 in Jaipur, India

Photographs by Ragubir Singh were included in Perceptions, an exhibition held at Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance, 13 February - 12 March 1988. The exhibition, organised by Rachael Hansen and Elizabeth Knowles, consisted of: Paintings and sculpture by Tam Joseph, Photoworks by Raghubir Singh, and works by the children of St. Gluvias Primary School, Ponsanooth with the sculptor Brian Buckley.

From the accompanying brochure: “This exhibition presents three contrasting ways of seeing life - and of making that vision manifest in works of art: paintings about the Black communities in London, photographs of Asians in Bradford, and children’s images of home in a Cornish village. Seeing means a sensory and intellectual perception and it is also the method by which we receive what an artist expresses. This exhibition provides things to see and ideas about viewpoints other than our own, yet all three parts are rooted in a vision of one particular community, one particular way of life, with a common feeling for people, their home environment and the way they live. It also presents three very different kinds of art and thus many layers of meaning about art as an expressive but perpetually questioning medium.”

The exhibition came with a folded brochure, featuring colour images, texts on the three components, plus details of supporting events. The brochure provided the following biographical summary: “Raghubir Singh was born into a Hindu family in Jaipur in North-West India in 1942. He has travelled widely, living and working in America and France (he now lives in Paris) and has established a reputation  as one of the leading photographers of his generation. He has exhibited in America, Britain, France and West Germany and has published an impressive series of books of photographs of India, including the recent ‘Banaras: Sacred City of India’ (Thames and Hudson 1987) and books on Calcutta, Kashmir and Rajasthan. In 1985 he was the first photographer to receive the newly-created Fellowship in Photography established by the National Museum of Photograpy, Film and Television in collaboration with Bradford and Ilkley Community College. He spent a year teaching and working in Bradford and this exhibition presents photographs of the Asian Community there.”

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