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Sheldon Williams

Sheldon Williams, was an art historian and writer. The cover of a substantial folder of seven oversized cards, each one containing a CV and, on the reverse, an image of work by artists associated with IAUK Indian Artists United Kingdom had been embellished with notes by Williams. The seven artists featured in the folder were, Balraj Khanna, Yeshwant Mali, Prafulla Mohanti, Lancelot Ribeiro, Suresh Vedak, Ibrahim Wagh, and Mohammad Zakir. On the CV side, the lower left corners of each card featured a tone-eliminated portrait of the relevant artist. No further details of the publication appear on the folder itself, beyond the embossed text IAUK Indian Artists United Kingdom.

Together with Eric Lister, Sheldon Williams authored Twentieth Century British Naïve and Primitive Artists, published by Astragal Books, London, in 1977

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