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Rosanna Greenstreet

Rosanna Greenstreet conducted an interview with Yinka Shomnibare that appeared as Yinka Shonibare Q&A, Guardian Weekend magazine, 30 April 2011, page 8. 

Along with a select number of other artists, including Isaac Julien and Steve McQueen, Yinka Shonibare was given space in features such as this to bandy around references to his career successes, personal life, and biography. The Guardian, in late January 2009, carried a Portrait of the artist: Yinka Shonibare, artist piece. In keeping with such features, it hinged on the idea that readers – casual or otherwise – might be interested in answers to such questions as In the movie of your life, who plays you? What one song would feature on the soundtrack to your life? What’s your favourite film? The quotation from Shonibare used to introduce the piece was “I used to think about art above everything. To all the ladies out there – I’ve changed.” Just over two years later, in April 2011, the Guardian again featured Shonibare in a similar Q&A, this time in its Guardian Weekend magazine. The general tenor was similar, Shonibare being asked such questions as ‘When were you happiest?’, ‘What do you most dislike about your appearance?’, and ‘What is your favourite book?’. By now, though, in response to the question ‘Who would play you in a film of your life?’, Shonibare now ventured: “Maybe Lady Gaga?” (In 2009, Will Smith had been his choice.)

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