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David Lee

David Lee was responsible for a review of an early solo exhibition of work by Sonia Boyce, that took place at The Black-Art Gallery in the autumn of 1986. The exhibition predated Boyce’s better known London solo exhibition of the same year, that took place at the Air Gallery. The exhibition attracted modest amounts of press coverage, including a review in Arts Review, 26 September 1986, p.509, by David Lee.

Lee’s review began with references to Boyce’s involvement in the creation of From Generation to Generation, an installation at The Black-Art Gallery, the previous year, 1985. His review concluded, “Sonia Boyce is clearly experimenting with the various mediums at her disposal. Unlike most artists who experiment, her works retain their affective qualities through the force and relevance of the subject. One looks forward to her show at Air Gallery in December, where she intends to work in fresco.”

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