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Adrian Wiszniewski

Adrian Wiszniewski was one of five artists in Room at the Top, a group exhibition curated by Waldemar Januszczak. The exhibition took place at Nicola Jacobs Gallery, 9 Cork Street, 6 February - 9 March 1985. The other artists included in the exhibition were: Sonia Boyce, Paul Richards, Gerard de Thame, and Adrian Wiszniewski. The exhibition was one of the very few such undertakings, during the 1980s, in which the work of a Black artist (in this instance, Sonia Boyce), was exhibited alongside work by white artists. Boyce was for a while an artist with whom Januszczak, (at the time, visual arts reviewer for the Guardian), was particularly impressed.

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Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1985

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Group show at Nicola Jacobs Gallery. 1985

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London, United Kingdom