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Liberator armed with paint brush

Article relating to an exhibition, 1986
Year published: 1986

image of Liberator armed with paint brush

Review of first London solo exhibition by Donald Rodney. Held at The Black-Art Gallery. 12/7/86 - 2/8/86. Full title of exhibition: The Atrocity Exhibition & Other Empire Stories: An Exhibition of Work by Donald G Rodney of The Blk Art Group.

Review written by Eddie Chambers appeared in 7 days Review, 26/7/86. Extracts as follows; “When it comes to the work of Black artists, the political rallying cry “we are our own liberators’ takes on a new and surprisingly relevant dimension. Whilst white-run art galleries are determined to trivialise the work of Black artists, there is one Black-run gallery that has been established for the specific purpose of taking Black artists seriously - as practising individual artists. The Black-Art Gallery in Finsbury Park celebrates its third birthday this September. since opening, the gallery has mounted an impressive string of one-person exhibitions, which have included the work of Keith Piper, Gavin Jantjes, Marc Boothe, Uzo Egonu, Emmanuel Jegede and Ben Nsusha. The latest comes from Donald Rodney, of the now largely defunct Black (sic) Art Group.“

The review is accompanied by an uncredited monochrome reproduction of one of Donald Rodney’s works in the exhibition.

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»  Eddie Chambers

Born, 1960 in Wolverhampton, England

»  Donald Rodney

Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

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