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Bert Teunissen

A colour portrait of Steve McQueen by Bert Teunissen accompanied Hail to McQueen | British artist Steve McQueen makes his debut at the cineplex with the harrowing film Hunger. Two page feature in W fashion, art and culture magazine, March 2009, on Steve McQueen and his directing debut, Hunger.  Feature written by Christopher Bagley and includes three small stills of three of McQueen’s shorts: 7th November (2001), Gravesend (2007) and Running Thunder (2007), and one still of Michael Fassbender as IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, in Hunger. All photographs in colour.

Two quotes from the article appear in large type. “McQueen dropped out of NYU film school, where he found “a lot of rich kids with no talent.” “, and “The whole idea that someone stops eating in order to be heard was very strange”, McQueen says of Bobby Sands’s hunger strike.”


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