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Mappin Centenary Residency Exhibition by David A. Bailey

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1987
Published by: Sheffield Arts Department et al
Year published: 1987
ISBN: 0 86321 061 9

image of Mappin Centenary Residency Exhibition by David A. Bailey

Catalogue to accompany Cultural Productions Within Photographic Practices was the name given to an exhibition by David A. Bailey of work he produced during the Mappin Centenary residency at the Mappin Art Gallery and Untitled Photographic Gallery and Workshop (both in Sheffield). The exhibition ran from 24 June - 2 August 1987. This small catalogue contained a text by Bailey and a number of monochrome photographs. 

The opening paragraph of Bailey’s text within the catalogue touched on the rationale for the exhibition, and the point he felt he was now at, within his career as a photographer.

“The work within this publication and complementary exhibition makes a departure from one arena of my work leading to an investigation into another arena. By this idea of departure I’m talking specifically about my shifting from one photographic practice to another: that of exhibitions to residencies. In the past, my exhibitions have been of two forms (a) where you are commissioned for a one person show (a rare event in the black photographic community); (b) or you get invited to participate in a show with a number of artists, some photographic, others mixed visual art shows. Both forms of exhibiting have their good and bad points which I could debate at length. However, the point is that there comes a time when there is a need for a change from this form of exhibitionism (sic) and try and develop new ways of working. The residency was a chance for me to do this, where I had the time and resources to develop work with different groups. Most of all it gave me the opportunity to develop my own philosophical photographic theory into concrete practice within the local Sheffield community.”

Contents as follows:

Cultural Productions Within Photographic Practices - introductory text by David A. Bailey
Several pages of monochrome photographs
uncredited picture of Bailey with two youngsters, one of whom is looking through, or taking a picture, with a Polaroid Instamatic camera.
Two short paragraphs of biography on Bailey and hos work in Sheffield
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