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Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke, a film-maker made a celebrated documentary feature film in 1967, called Portrait of Jason. It has been described (by Gavin Butt) as “a Cinéma vérité study of an ageing African American gay hustler, Jason Holliday.”

Butt, of Goldsmiths College, contributed a chapter - ‘Stop That Acting!’: Performance and Authenticity in Shirley Clarke’s Portrait of Jason - to Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures (2007) edited by Kobena Mercer. One of four books in a series titled Annotating Art’s Histories, jointly published by The MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Iniva the Institute of International Visual Arts, London. Butt’s chapter features two stills from the film, plus a reproduction of an archive poster from 1969 announcing ‘the triumphant return of the sensational’ Jason Holiday (sic).

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