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Donald Locke Artspace features

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Published by: Artspace Southwestern Contemporary Arts Quarterly
Number of pages: 8

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Eight page publication featuring two features on Donald Locke, reprinted from Artspace Southwest Contemporary Arts Quarterly Vol 5 no 1 and Vol 5 no 4. The first of these features was titled ‘Donald Locke’, by Claribel Cone. This was a four page article, that included a number of photographic reproduction of Locke’s work, including a page of documentation of an intervention Locke made in the Arizona landscape, consisting of 15 “black canvases (30” x 30”) out into the destert in mid-summer at mid-day and arranged them in various configurations to be photographed.”

Cone began the piece with a discussion of The Room: An Environment with Fifteen Black Surfaces, a variable installation by Locke.

The Room: an Environment with Fifteen Black Surfaces is a room  with ten different arrangements. The forms are wood, canvas, paint, glass feathers, rug, epoxy and brobze. This sculptural environment

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»  Donald Locke

Born, 1930 in Stewartville, Guyana. Died, 2010