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Jeffrey C. Stewart

For the Rhapsodies in Black: The Art of the Harlem Renaissance exhibition catalogue, Stewart contributed an essay Paul Roberson and the Problem of Modernism. Stewart subsequently further established his credentials as an important scholar of Paul Robeson, when in 1998 he served as Exhibition Curator and Volume Editor of a ‘Multimedia Traveling Exhibition, Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen’. The substantial catalogue which accompanied the exhibition was published by Rutgers University Press, and The Paul Robeson Cultural Center. The catalogue was edited by, and featured an introduction by Jeffrey C. Stewart.

Previously, in 1989, Jeffrey Stewart had contributed an essay to another exhibition curated by Richard J. Powell, the co-curator of Rhapsodies in Black: The Art of the Harlem Renaissance. On that occasion, the essay was Given the Blues, which appeared in the catalogue for The Blues Aesthetic: Black Culture and Modernism, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington D.C., September 14 - December 9, 1989 and touring.


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