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Lincoln Gallery Art Editions 4: Ahmed Parvez.

Catalogue relating to an individual, 1962
Published by: Lincoln Gallery Art Editions 4
Year published: uncertain - some time between 1960 and 1964
Number of pages: 12

image of Lincoln Gallery Art Editions 4: Ahmed Parvez.

This publication was the fourth of the Lincoln Gallery Art Editions. Note; Lincoln Gallery is not to be confused with Usher Gallery, Lincoln, which opened in 1927. The publication was dedicated to the work of Ahmed Parvez and related to a solo show by the artist in 1962. A full page monochrome portrait of Ahmed Parvez, by photographer Ida Kar, appeared in the publication, as did an important essay on the artist written by Roderic Knowles, titled ‘On the art of AHMED PARVEZ’.

From the text: “Parvez is now recognised as a British artist. He has absorbed much of the mental climate of this country, but the impressions and cultural heritage of his youth remain very much a part of him, particularly the impact of his surroundings which he describes as ‘the greatest joy of those most impressionable years, the presence of the majestic snow-capped peaks, that reflected the passing of the sun in gleams of silver and shades of mysterious blue… and the unending explosion of a strange warmth’. He has never drawn a mountain, but he has expressed feelings about them in quite different ways. The sense of imminent revelation, the sudden release like a final chord of Beethoven are the mountains that accompany the sudden dramatic presentation of his image.”

Two full page reproductions of Parvez’s work are included, one monochrome one colour, though both are uncredited. the only partially credited image is the one that appeared on the cover - “The Image Makers”.

Contents as follows:

Roderic Knowles, ‘On the art of AHMED PARVEZ’. 



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