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Ahmed Parvez - New Vision Centre Gallery brochure

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1959
Published by: New Vision Centre Gallery
Year published: 1959
Number of pages: 4

image of Ahmed Parvez - New Vision Centre Gallery brochure

Modest brochure for first one-man exhibition at the New Vision Centre Gallery by Ahmed Parvez. Unfortunately, dates of the exhibition (beyond its year of 1959) are missing from the brochure. A very short text on the artist in included, but no author is credited. 

Text as follows:

“LONDON 1959

Ahmed Parvez, amongst the small group of Pakistani painters in London, is one of those slowly asserting himself upon the scene of new painting.

His images, although delineated and constructed with geometric assurance, are sufficiently and loosely expressed to allow a sense of growth to permeate their making. They appear dark and sombre yet inflected with light, isolated, yet vibrant as if emerging from their own twilight world.

Parvez, obsessed with bringing the element of drama into his work, applied weighted strokes to create mass and impact, and by his sensitive use of paint endows his images with a life and a force of their own.

The work of an artist must at all times be organic. It has to survive the space and time span of an Industrial Society. Ahmed Parvez in grappling with the problem of survival has found that figurative concepts are no longer valid.

In going beyond the material and perceived realities of things seen he finds new meaning in the realm of the abstract, exercising his own constructive processes, which eliminates both the superficial and the artificial. He realises the purity of thought and form in terms of his medium.”

An uncredited portrait of the artist plus biographical details, appear alongside the text of Parvez, inside the brochure. The uncredited images on the front and back of the brochure were presumably examples of Parvez’s work in the exhibition.

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