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Black Orpheus Number 11

Magazine relating to a publication, 1960
Published by: Ministry of Education, Ibadan, Nigeria
Year published: uncertain - some time between 1958 and 1962
Number of pages: 72

image of Black Orpheus Number 11

Black Orpheus a ‘Journal of African and Afro-American Literature.’ was a very important journal , one of a number of key initiatives with which Ulli Beier was associated. Published by the General Publications Section Ministry of Education, Ibadan, the editors (in this issue) were given as Ezekiel Mphahlele, Wole Soyinka and Ulli Beier. This issue included a three page feature, on African-American artists Jacob Lawrence and William H. Johnson, that appeared in Black Orpheus,  This was issue No. 11 of Black Orpheus. Though no date is given, the issue was likely to have been published circa 1960. 

The visual arts-related items in the issue were as follows:

An appreciation of the German artist Karl Schmidt Rottluff, written by Denis Williams. The piece concluded with “Woodcuts by Schmidt-Rottluff were recently exhibited at MBARI, Ibadan. For illustrations to this article see the vignettes throughout this magazine.” Elsewhere in the journal, it is noted that the vignettes “were lent by Frau Hanna Bekker Vom Rath, Kunstkabinett, Frankfurt.”

Three page feature, on African-American artists Jacob Lawrence and William H. Johnson, written by Ulli Beier

Book review of Ulli Beier’s Art in Nigeria, (Cambridge University Press, 1960)

The cover of this issue of Black Orpheus was “based on a naive Yoruba painting.”

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