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Basquiat (The Face magazine, December 1984)

Article relating to an exhibition, 1984
Published by: The Face
Year published: 1984
Number of pages: 2

image of Basquiat (The Face magazine, December 1984)

Important piece on Jean-Michel Basquiat that came out in 1984, in the Face magazine, No. 56, December 1984, pages 12 and 13. In essence, the piece consisted of a detail of a Basquiat painting, plus two smaller reproductions of work by the artist. Surprisingly perhaps, none of the works are identified. The text is modest and was written by Jane Withers. The text begins, “Mentioning graffiti is not the ideal opening to a conversation with New York artist Jean Michel Basquiat. You will probably be met with a quizzical silence. “Oh man, this graffiti thing is more of a cross than anything. There are myths about me that are repeated again and again.” Whatever his erstwhile adventures as Samso (sic), an outlaw artist working on the street, he is not keen to enlarge on those days.”

The paragraph was appended with a note stating, “Jean Michel Basquiat’s first London show is at the ICA from Dec 14 - Jan 27”

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