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Lithographs: Once Upon a Time in Ibo-Land

Book relating to a publication, 1971
Published by: Uzo Egonu
Year published: 1971

image of Lithographs: Once Upon a Time in Ibo-Land

Small self-published story book by Uzo Egonu. On the front cover: LITHOGRAPHS: Once Upon a Time in Ibo-Land  Original short story  Uzo Egonu. The inside cover states Copyright Uzo Egonu 1971. Five original plates by Egonu appear between the story in the booklet. The original images were colour, but here they are reproduced in monochrome. The story (which appears in short sections, ‘A’ to ‘E’) is a typical traditional African story tale, in which animals take centre stage and become the central characters of the story. 

The story began, “Once upon a time in Ibo-land, the King asked all the animals and birds in his kingdom and foreign lands to attend a feast in his palace for the harvest festival. The King requested that all the animals should assemble at the crossroads leading to his palace, where the tortoise, whom he had appointed to direct them to the palace, should wait.”

The plates are all uncredited.

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